What is the Paris Agreement?

The Paris Agreement signed in 2015 on climate change mitigation, adaptation and financing under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and entered into force in 2016. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the first intergovernmental, international environmental agreement signed by the United Nations on global warming. The Convention aimsContinue reading “What is the Paris Agreement?”

What is PISA? PISA Sınavı Nedir?

PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) yani Uluslararası Öğrenci Değerlendirme Programı. PISA, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) yani Ekonomik Kalkınma ve İşbirliği Örgütü tarafından 1997 yılında geliştirilen üçer yıllık dönemler halinde, 15 yaş grubundaki öğrencilere uygulunan beceri, yetkinlik ve bilgi düzeyinin ölçüldüğü uluslararası bir araştırmadır. PISA çalışmasının amacı eğitimde standartlaştırmayı ve gelişmeyi arttırmakla birlikte dünyadakiContinue reading “What is PISA? PISA Sınavı Nedir?”

What is Post-Truth?

What is post-truth for you? Post-truth selected the word of the year 2016 by the Oxford Dictionary. Post-truth is an adjective that is defined as the situation where the objective and immutable facts are less effective than feelings and personal opinions in determining public opinion on a particular issue. Post-truth is a philosophical and political concept for “the disappearance ofContinue reading “What is Post-Truth?”

Finland: The Country of White Lilies

About Grigory Petrov This biographical novel, The Land of White Lilies, was penned by the Russian Grigoriy Spiridonovich Petrov. Grigoriy Petrov was born on January 26, 1866 in Yamburg, a small town in Petersburg. He briefly describes himself as “the son of a middle-class person, and in his childhood a shepherd.” “He is the sonContinue reading “Finland: The Country of White Lilies”

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Today I watched a TED video who the speaker is Luvvie Ajayi Jones. She said -as a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, she mentions that we should always defend the truth and that justice must be provided. Says that keeping quiet is comfortable, and anything in life should be initiated without fear like being a domino. ForContinue reading “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable”

Logistic Regression Algorithm Analysis with Python

Hi, everyone. I am Orhan Yagizer. In this article, I will work with the Logistic regression algorithm in python. Let’s get start it. Firstly, what is a logistic regression algorithm? Logistic regression is a statistical model that in its basic form uses a logistic function to model a binary dependent variable, although many more complexContinue reading “Logistic Regression Algorithm Analysis with Python”