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Hello everyone, I am Orhan Yagizer. I am a 18 years old, science high school student from Gaziantep, Turkey.

I study Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. Because I have been interested in these fields since my childhood. I have also been interested in technology for a long time. I also work in this area.

So what am I doing, what am I trying to do with this blog? As I said before, I’m interested in technology, especially artificial intelligence and data science. I was sharing my work in this area on different sites, but I wanted it to be my own site.

I will share my technology studies and articles I prepared for this blog. Usually my work will be artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, deep learning areas. Also, I’m planning to share my technology, science and art articles.

Let me talk a little bit about my future dreams and goals. I want to go abroad for my undergraduate study. I want to study artificial intelligence with Computer Science. After I receive my education, I want to start a startup and I want to work on the problems in the world situations. Especially, I want to work on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Development Programme.

I constantly work and learn new things because I have a goal of constantly improving myself and learning new things.

Let me talk about the activities and organizations I took part in:

Yetkin Gençler (YetGen), Istanbul, Turkey
Cultivation Program, May 2021 – July 2021

  • 12-week 21st century competencies training program
  • Establish enterprise with the focus of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

GelecektekiSen, Istanbul, Turkey
High School Advisory Board, Apr 2021 – present

  • Education plan for high school students, organizing summer camps for them, creating teamwork

Harrington Housing, Toronto, Canada
Booking Assistant, Feb 2021 – present

  • Providing accommodation for students, communicating with them and direct them

Clarusway, Virginia, USA
Data Science Trainee, May 2020 – present

  • Inclusive education in data science
  • Python, SQL, IT Fundamentals, Git, HTML, CSS, Database, Tableau, Spreadsheet, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistics, NLP

Young Leaders Over The Horizon (YOOOTH), Ankara, Turkey
Leader, Jan 2020 – present

  • Working with high school and university students,
  • Our goals, in the framework of our concept ” Soft Skills + Hard Skills = Smart Skills “, is to be able to grow ourselves as versatile, conscientious and well-equipped, multi-talented, double-winged, 21st century literate and a real global citizen. 
  • Organizing YOOOTH Talks with important and valuable people.
  • Content creation for students

This is how I can introduce myself, I continue to work on this challenging road to my dreams and goals.

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Leader at Young Leaders Over The Horizon | Trainee at Yetkin Gençler | High School Board Member at GelecektekiSen | Booking Assistant at Harrington Housing | Data Science | Machine Learning | Translator

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