I am Orhan Yagizer Cinar

Hi, I am Orhan Yağızer Çınar. I am a senior at Gaziantep Science High School. I am a technology and entrepreneurship enthusiast. My biggest dream is to study computer science abroad. This website is my personal portfolio. Here I will share my projects, articles, codes, videos, podcasts, and pictures I have prepared.

Welcome to my site!

Let’s Get To Know Me Better

My Dreams

I want to study Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence because I’ve been interested in computers since I was a little child. I love to deal with computers and it is my dream to advance in this field. Also, after my university education, I want to become an entrepreneur and start my own start-up.

My Hobbies

I love playing the guitar. Also I love playing basketball. My main hobby is coding and dealing with computers. I have hobbies in these fields as I am interested in music, sports and IT.

My Motivation

I work without giving up to be successful and reach my goals, I do everything to reach my dreams. Failures should not make us give up. We can make a good result from every failure and be successful.

What People Who Know Me Say About Me

Orhan Yağızer is a multi-talented guy equipped with I.T. skills, programming, artificial intelligence, and data science. I believe that he will be a great data scientist in the future. In addition to his hard skills, he has also a powerful character to be respected. Actually, he should be a CEO, Founder, or President at huge companies or international organizations. Just dream it! Just do it!

― Zeynep Nalan, My Teammate

I’ve worked with Orhan for the past two years. He is one of the most hardworking and determined individuals I’ve ever seen. He is incredibly talented at coding and has a strong sense of responsibility. He can motivate even the least enthusiastic of team members.

― Tuana, My Teammate

My Publications

On this site you can find all the publications I have produced. You can also access the articles I wrote on my site on my blog.